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Our Causes
The Murphy Friendship House is the only HUD recognized emergency shelter that accepts men, women, and children in Cherokee, Clay, Swain, Graham, Macon, Jackson, and Haywood counties of NC.  The shelter also serves North Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. Over the last eight years, the Hurlburt-Johnson Friendship House also known as Murphy Friendship House has provided over 70,000 nights of shelter, over 110,000 volunteer hours, and served nearly 250,000 meals to men, women and children. In order for us to continue to provide these necessary services, it is our goal to reach out to the counties we serve.  This Charity Tribute will help us to continue to provide these valuable services. 
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Hurlburt-Johnson Friendship House
Asheville Veteran Restoration Quarters
The VRQ in Asheville, NC for men and the Steadfast house for women now comprises the third largest veteran's campus in the country and houses nearly 270 homeless veterans in close proximity to the Charles George VA Hospital which is one of the few Wounded Warrior Hospitals in the nation. There are 50 permanent housing beds dedicated to these wounded warriors. VRQ "Best Practices" efforts to provide shelter, job training, job placement, and Rapid Re-Housing and has been applauded in Senate Hearings.  The SSVF Supportive Services for Veterans Families also serves 22 counties in Western North Carolina. The VRQ operates their truck driving academy and culinary training to provide independence for the veterans they serve.  95% of all charitable contributions go directly to veteran’s services. The VRQ is the only shelter in the country to receive its own American Legion Post Charter. 
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